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About Us

Heyo this is the Wicked High or Wicked High Society, we want to welcome you and thank you for keeping us alive. We’re a brand here to rewire the brain, share our culture, the things we love and how we feel about what’s going in society as a whole.

Wicked High’s goals are to make sure Morals and values of yourself and fellow man are still the thing of the present, In all the goal is to help progress you in a positive light so we can move forward without repeating our past. Lastly keep our eyes open and your minds clear, because The Wickedness of Evil is always keeping their eyes on you.

We hope that you enjoy our merch and content, so I leave off with a quote:

The world is full of history from mine to yours and everybody who came before us. Some fought hard and some didn’t even have a chance and for those we must live for love, for honor, and for respect so we may breed a better generation for the future.” – Wicked High Society

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