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Is There Still Good People?

Note: Good people can’t help being good, righteous, and honorable it just wouldn’t feel right and it might weigh to heavy on the soul.

Some say to them selves where are the good people and why don’t they show themselves more often.? The truth is, that it’s always the good people who ask these questions, not realizing the goodness within their selves. That doesn’t mean good people only ask those questions, it’s in their character.

Note: We all go through pains that pressure us to go down the dark roads and most people walk those roads forever. Some don’t realize they can get out and remain the same, but let me say this, “You Can!”.

When things seem hectic or peaceful, I can guarantee you something, good people are every where despite any situation. Like everything in this world in order to get to the beauty and bliss, it must undergo pressures we can’t imagine. I’m not trying to say every situation is the same but the seriousness the situation has over the person/object at the moment seems to be.

Note: I would go more into detail but no use in boring you with to much talk/info. I will always continue to talk on certain subjects just like this one or if ever requested. Thank you for reading and supporting the Wicked High Society.

One thing we need to realize is that not all good people come from comforting and nurturing environments. A lot of pain goes unseen to the naked eye, where it could make it hard to see through the masks everyone wears. So when you catch your self asking those questions about good people being scarce, reflect on your self and maybe you can see where the good people are. – Much love and respect.

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