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Wicked High Society

Ever snapped out of a day dream and thought to your self “wait, what was I just doing… “? Don’t worry it happens to your average Mary Janer across the globe at least once a day. Facts aside welcome to the official Wicked High Society blog/store where I can bring all the content in one space.

Once again I want to welcome you and Thank You for showing love to the Wicked High. I’ll Leave off with a quote:

sometimes you have to check yourself, Because sometimes it’s you causing the pain, The negative Nancy you’re trying to get rid of.. sometimes it’s yourself to blame.. That doesn’t make you any less of a good person than you truly are.. Keep growing and moving forward. Keep motivating yourself. All there is really to do is make yourself better than the last time. Time to own up! Much love and respect – Jerlin ’18

Uses For Wicked

The slang can have multiple meanings. From “cool” to “hellish” and “evil” the term has evolved and settled in various regions of the globe. Old English originally used the term to describe something evil or morally wrong.

Across the pond, “wicked” often connotes something that is neat or excellent. Most frequently seen in the Harry Potter Series, the kids often say “That’s wicked” when excited or enthralled. This meaning has also carried it’s way throughout the rest of the United States. – Owlcation.com

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