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A Cannabis Story

My intoxicating loveliness brings about a stillness, the calm needed after the storm of everyday madness. You understand the feeling I give you. The ability to breathe without being suffocated by your own thoughts and emotions.

Growing from a seed to come out a flower, considered a drug but all I do is amplify your power. You suppress more than you know, I intensify your hidden highs and lows. Let me slow the motion while I give you time to create a life’s potion. I hold the ability to show you wisdom, if you let me. My vibrancy gives you good times when life gets testy. And if it rains down on you I can show you all the possibilities to overcome. 

If you listen, I will meet you. May we coexist, and paint a life filled with pigmented hue. No matter where you are, spark my intention. Even if you don’t have a pot to piss in, I can light your vision. There’s a lot to take in this world, so don’t abuse me or you might drive yourself nuts. I can relieve you of your burdens, being a metaphorical crutch. I’m no miracle flower, I am not perfect. But each of my imperfections might benefit you if you really need them to, only you hold the potential to accept my power. 

Some doctors choose me to help their patients, so allow for my magic to alleviate your trauma. Indulge in this Life, acquire some patience. Life takes its sweet time, so melt in your healing, as if it’s your sauna. In due time your wounds will heal, what I provide to you is your ability to feel. Scars may be weak on impact, but you must always remember how to keep intact. The universe is huge but worry not,  because I can expand your horizon. No presumptions  can forsake my truths, for sincerity holds strength like Poseidon. This peace I could bring faces barriers, I am shamed for the lies have tainted heaven. Until I’m able to be free the globe will never see my true potential.

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